Understanding the targets defined by Aurania’s exploration program.

Target Series

Aurania’s “Target Series” videos aim to help investors gain a better understanding of the logic behind our exploration process for each target located in The Lost Cities – Cutucu Project area in Ecuador.  We will discuss each target’s concept (what kind of target we think it may be including soil geochemistry, alteration pattern, vein orientation, cross section, etc.), drilling logistics,  and we’ll also follow along as the first hole of the target is drilled.   Stay tuned for additional videos as the exploration program progresses.

Crunchy Hill Target

1.1 Soils and Veins

Target Video Series Crunchy Hill 1.1 Concept Soils and Veins

1.2 From field mapping to drill concept

1.3 Drilling!

First Hole

Target: Coming soon…



Site Prep

First Hole