Private Placement Subscription Guide

We are happy to invite you to subscribe to our private placement. We want to make the subscription process easy for you.

If you are an existing shareholder of Aurania resident in Canada, an accredited investor resident in Canada, an investor resident outside North America, or an investor resident in the USA, you can subscribe online by providing us with some basic information to receive the instructions to complete the subscription agreement (Method # 1). The completion of the subscription agreement will take you less than 10 minutes. And, if you wish, you may pay the subscription price online, via credit card or email transfer. This is the quickest and simplest way to subscribe.

If you do not fall into the categories herein mentioned, or if you prefer to subscribe by filling out a PDF subscription agreement, please contact us (Method #2).

Existing shareholders can participate in the private placement if they hold at least one common share of Aurania acquired before the record date (May 31, 2018) and if they continue to hold at least one common share of Aurania on the closing date.

Please consider that the current applicable regulations only allow us to accept investors resident in the USA that are accredited investors and also up to 35 non-accredited “sophisticated” investors. Non-accredited “sophisticated” investors are experienced non-accredited investors who are knowledgeable of Aurania’s business and affairs.

Please refer to our press release dated June 1st, 2018 for a more comprehensive description of the offering procedure.

* This web page does not modify, in any manner, the subscription agreement required to subscribe. Its only intent is to facilitate the completion of the agreement.

Method #1

To quickly and easily complete the Subscription Agreement online please provide some basic information using the form below.  Next week we’ll email you instructions and a digital subscription agreement to complete and pay online.

Method #2

Participate in the private placement by completing the subscription agreement in the traditional method: You’ll receive the Subscription Agreement as a PDF fill out and send back to Aurania by email or regular postal service.

Contact us at:

Carolina Diaz
Legal Project Manager

Phone: (416) 367-3200