Part III – Metron Probability Update

Making Sense of our Magnetic Data

Episode Summary

Here we look at the magnetic data collected from Aurania’s Lost Cities – Cutucu project area and not only how it guides geological exploration, but its significance in relation to other notable deposits.

Video Series Overview

The “Metron Probability Update” video series was filmed during a day-long workshop at Aurania’s headquarters in Toronto, Canada.  The workshop’s goal was to review Metron’s first pass of Aurania’s geological, geophysical, geochemical, and historical data collected since the search for The Lost Cities began.

  1. The Bayesian Inference Approach
  2. Metron’s First Pass
  3. Making Sense of our Magnetic Data
  4. Homing in on The Lost Cities
  5. The 1574 Map
  6. Visualizing a Gold Mine in the 1500’s

About Metron

Metron is a scientific consulting company dedicated to solving challenging problems through the development and application of advanced mathematical methods. Problem solutions are realized in computer software in a way that allows a user to understand and act on the results without having to comprehend the intricacies of the models themselves.

Metron has an impeccable track record when assisting companies locate just about anything, including everything from missing persons, to missing submarines (Soviet and the USS Scorpion), sunken ships (SS Central America), downed passenger planes (Air France 447)… and now, The Lost Cities of Ecuador.