Metron Probability Update Part VI: Visualizing a Gold Mine in the 1500’s

Dr. Keith Barron explains what a gold mine of The Lost Cities could look like in the 1500’s.

Metron Probability Update Part V: The 1574 Map

Dr. Keith Barron discusses how a map from 1574 helped shape the search for The Lost Cities.


Metals Investor Forum

Aurania is pleased to be invited to attend and speak at the Metals Investor Forum in Toronto on February 29 and March 1, 2020.

Speakers, exhibitors, and attendees are all carefully selected to ensure that investors receive expert advice and meet with the highest quality companies.

Each company is selected by one of the Forum’s newsletter writers to ensure that all exhibitors are high-caliber.  The newsletter writers’ expertise and due diligence goes into every recommendation: they vet the management, project, commodity, jurisdiction and financials.