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The Opportunity – A Copper Expert’s Opinion

Ecuador’s Vice-Minister of Mines, Fernando L. Benalcazar in Discussions with World-Renowned Sedimentary Copper Expert, Prof. Gregor Borg.

The following was recorded at Aurania’s Ecuadorean field office during a concurrent visit from Ecuador’s Vice-Minister of Mines, Fernando L. Benalcazar and Prof. Gregor Borg, one of the top sedimentary copper experts in the world. The discussion centres on the Vice-Minister’s interest in Aurania’s recent copper discovery from a governmental perspective, and Prof. Borg’s professional, independent opinion on the significance of the company’s copper findings.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Prof Borg has not seen another belt worldwide in which porphyries provide an extra source of copper into already copper-fertile sedimentary basins.
  2. He sees significant potential for the belt, both from a national and international perspective.